High Point City Council Must Go

Dear Editor,

Every current High Point Council member must be voted out of office this fall.  No Exceptions.  Here’s why.

The Council is not interested in the opinion of voters.  They hold ‘public’ meetings during the day or at 5:30 p.m. when many taxpayers are at work or trying to get home.  Council refuses to hold meetings at times when taxpayers might be able to attend.  Then Council has the nerve to complain there isn’t enough taxpayer involvement.  What a joke.

Council spent $70 million for a baseball stadium without getting voter approval.  The only time voters were asked about a stadium, 67 percent of taxpayers said no.  However Council ignored taxpayers and spent the money anyhow.  Council also tried to get $11 million from Guilford for the stadium using false financial information.  Guilford didn’t contribute a penny after catching Council in its lie.

The Council changed its own term limits from two to four years without getting voter approval.  The only time voters were asked, they said no, they wanted two year terms.  However, Council again demonstrated their disdain for taxpayers and changed to four year terms even after supporting two year terms for more than 20 years.

The Council is spending $16 million for a new police station without getting voter approval.

High Point was found to be in violation of a Federal Lead Paint Grant by misspending and mismanaging more than $1 million.  The feds identified HP as a bad debtor and turned to the US Treasury for collection.

A recent audit of city finances shows High Point and the Council spends more money than it receives and city reserves are insufficient.

Space limits keep me from listing more Council and High Point misdeeds, mismanagement and arrogance.  But the fact remains that every council member must be replaced.  No exceptions.

Ken Orms