Rely On Facts Not Media Hype

Dear Editor,

The following is an article taken from The Epoch Times, March 17, 2021, written by Jean Chen. She had a conversation with her 17-year-old daughter who attends a public school in a deep blue state about race. The daughter explained that most of her friends supported BLM & Antifa because they believe many black Americans are abused and killed by police. They support defunding the police and think looters and rioters are “rightfully angry” because of racism and slavery in their history.

Jean Chen is a first generation Asian American who embraces America’s freedom. She and her Asian-Americans friends are sad and angry to see their children being brainwashed by the media and educations system. She did the research to find answers about her daughter’s question about racism and figured out who is the real racist.

Here are the results she found: In 2019, there were more than 10 million arrests in the US per the DOJ. Among 54 unarmed civilians who died of officer involved shooting, 12 were black and 26 white according to the Washington Post data provided by the FBI.

At the same time, 89 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty per FBI data. Rep. Burgess Owens, former NFL player and congressman from Utah who is black stated, “We don’t have a police problem in America, we have a narrative problem.”

As she states, nowadays, many journalists have lost their professionalism as they push their narratives with lies, or partial truth, or misleading statics while intentionally omitting other facts. A Skeptic Research Center showed how severely the public opinion about police has been misled by media hype. When asked to guess “how many unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019, 38 percent of respondents overall answered, “about 100,” and 29 percent answered  “about 1,000” or more. As mentioned above, the recorded death number for unarmed black men and women was 12.

We all need to rely on facts not media and political hype.

Ed Byrum