Something’s Not Right

Dear Editor,

Help me to be sure I got this straight.

We have a representative form of government. We elect representatives to conduct the business of the state, and among those many functions we find the establishment of voting districts.

Now the Democrats ran this state for over 100 years, some good, some not so good, and they established voting districts to suit their goals.

These districts were heavily gerrymandered in their favor and those who were outvoted did not sue claiming rights violations.

Even with these districts tilted in favor of the party in charge, the Republicans won.

Now comes those who were outvoted, claiming rights violations because those now in charge are doing what their constituents expect of them.

So those not in charge, sue to re-establish “justice,” involving the courts, who see fit to appoint one man to determine voting districts and that is seen as just by a judge.  Go figure.

Rich Carrera



Good News from Republicans

Dear Editor,

It’s the end of a wild, rollercoaster ride sort of year and it appears the Republicans are going out on top.

They managed to cobble together a tax cut bill and get it passed and, of course, no Democrats voted for it. In fact if you believe their usual lines – one, the cut will only benefit the rich, two, the poor will suffer the most from it, and, three, the middle class continues to be ignored.

The real answer will come when with the first paychecks in February.

If, as the Republicans say, the average working stiff sees an increase in their check, the Democrats are going to be hard pressed to continue their talking points that only the rich benefited. If there is no increase then the Republicans can kiss control goodbye for a long time. I myself am waiting to see the result.

One good thing that came out of the bill is the repeal of the Obamacare mandate. While it hasn’t killed Obamacare, it has seriously crippled it.

They also seemed to have scored a series of small victories in the ongoing soap opera called Russian collusion. Or is it obstruction of justice? Either way, the loony left has managed to get themselves tangled up in their own trap.

As more and more comes out, everything they accuse President Trump of doing turns on them and shows them to be guilty of it instead. All their activity has reopened several subjects they tried to tamp down when dear leader was in power.

They obviously expected the Hildabeast to get elected and thus the bodies would stay buried. Now not only is the Hildabeast in the Republican sights once again, it seems dear leader has been found with blood on his hands as a result of allowing drugs to continue to pour into our country, all to feed his ego known as his legacy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m stocking up on popcorn.

Republican Party … I hope you’re right with this tax bill. I also hope that you realize you must take off the gloves and fight like the liberals. Their rule is take no prisoners. That’s their only rule. You need to do the same. Bring a gun to the knife fight. It’s not about fairness; it’s about winning. It’s about the survival of the republic.

Go Galt and save the republic

Alan Marshall



Lawmakers Should Learn Speed Reading

Dear Editor,

I think that every legislator should read a bill before they vote on it. I also think that every executive should read a bill before signing it into law.

Many bills contain thousands of pages and are never fully read by our representatives. Riders, amendments, “pork barrel” and things that don’t have anything to do with the main part of the bill are added.

We need a national law, or constitutional amendment, that states that all bills must be read out loud to legislators before being voted on, and any bill must be read out loud to the executive before being signed into law.  Also, all bills should be posted online before they are voted on.

Chuck Mann




Unwinnable War

Dear Editor,

There is no good defense against nuclear or EMP attacks. And who wins what within the ruins or spoils of a war that leave only radioactive wastes and human sufferings?  An EMP (electromagnetic attack) would effectively send progressive nations back to the dark ages.

Many of us forget the Korean War has never ended and, at this point, North Korea has little to lose by reigniting it.  Yet if “total” nuclear war comes, expect four-fifths of the world’s population to disappear.

Economically, North Korea has not performed as has South Korea, and today their objectives are more destructive than constructive.  Their people are under-nourished and many try to escape.  We’ve tried showing compassion and ask: why can’t they?  The answer, obviously, is within their war readiness.  It is about the only area where it excels South Korea, so never discount the possibility of North Korea reigniting the Korean War.

And in this regard, we should wisely listen to the military science experts who have long concluded that the only way to stop a violent nation is with greater violence.  Sadly, however, if there is a winner to this conflict, it will be the one who hits first and the hardest. But with nuclear weapons, who really wins? At this point, we should heed Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ warning: “There is little reason for optimism,” as storm clouds are gathering over the Korean Peninsula, but diplomacy stands as the best chance of preventing the war, and this will be possible only if our words are backed up by an armed force and determination strong enough to make our words believable.

Ray Hylton




Just Desserts For Yourse

Dear Editor,

Finally, the hard and swift hand of justice has KO’ed  38-year-old, 6’1” Dejuan Antonio Yourse with an eight-and-a-half-year active time in prison. He was found guilty by a sensible jury of 12 for assaulting a 17-year-old female cashier because his pizza was cold.

You will recall that in June 2016, Police Officers Travis Cole and Charlotte Jackson resigned because of city pressure concerning how they arrested Yourse.

City officials paid him $95,000 in settlement. This was a major mistake.

All the facts justified the arrest, but because of political pressure on the city, a payment was made.

The city lost two good officers and the rest of the police were clearly shown that the city manager does not have their backs. Yourse should have been tried on those charges by a jury and not by a political hack city employee who no doubt was pressured to settle in fear of his job. The City Council should have questioned the city manager as to who pressured him into such a foolish and costly decision.

A proud member of the Guilford Cattleman’s Association



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