Slower Traffic Do What Now?

Dear Editor,

So now it appears that a new law in North Carolina will make it illegal to drive the speed limit in the left hand lane if a person who is breaking the law is impeded in that lane by someone driving the speed limit. Give that some thought.

Yes, you can now receive a ticket for impeding another driving who is breaking the law. What a brilliant bunch we have working on our behalf in Raleigh.

Mark Murray


Editor’s Note: It is a brilliant bill and I hope it becomes law.



Innocent Victims

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the Street Level column in your March 23 issue, “Policing Can Be a Bloody Business.”

This column helps show what a difficult job it is to be in security in the military, government or private industry. No wonder there is a shortage of applicants for this field. The honest, responsible, caring individuals deserve our full respect and appreciation.

The column mentions a suspected shooter and his live-in girlfriend who have a baby living with them. The column stresses the dangerous situation faced by the law enforcement people, which is the purpose of the column. It tells of the probable terrible death of the live-in girlfriend.

What can be done to bring to the forefront the terrible future that may lie ahead for this innocent baby, the result of the parents’ irresponsible, sinful lifestyle? What about the future of this child being raised by a facility or possibly uncaring relatives? From whom will the child receive love, protection, morals, standards, the responsibilities due for medical care, education, etc., that all parents owe the offspring they bring into the world?

Would it be possible to bring these ever-increasing problems to the public’s attention? We taxpayers can be upset we are paying to have so many law enforcement people to protect us from criminals, and to protect and care for the offspring of many irresponsible parents, but what of these poor innocent children of such irresponsible sinful behavior? Maybe the murderer was the result of one of those situations.

N.J.R. Wells



Walls Divide

Dear Editor,

Walls are artificial divisions which eventually fall down, eroded by heat, cold, rain, ice, wind and other natural processes. They don’t belong.  They are unnatural.

When we think of Trump’s proposed wall between the US and Mexico, it is hard not to recall the infamous Berlin Wall, erected after World War II by the USSR to separate East from West Berlin and equipped with barbed wire, nails and guard towers.  It stood from 1961 to 1989 before, finally, an ongoing source of shame to the USSR, it was demolished.

I hope that we are still the good guys, the ones who tear down walls, not the ones who build them.

Maureen Parker



Keep It Covered

Dear Editor,

Lately I have seen numerous people openly carrying handguns in public.

Even though I am pro-gun (I’m a National Rifle Association member), I strongly feel that this is a dangerous practice.

This John Wayne mentality has many disadvantages. If the wrong person sees that you are armed, the results could be fatal. If you are caught in the middle of an armed robbery and the robber sees you are armed, you will most likely be shot.

When you carry a weapon exposed, you are losing the element of surprise. As a former state correctional officer, I know firsthand that the element of surprise can be the determining factor on whether you will win or lose a fight.

You are also risking a “snatch and grab,” where the assailant takes your gun from you and shoots you with your own weapon. Some 80 percent of police officers are killed with their own handguns.

A good detective keeps his weapon concealed until ready for use. If a single person sees you’re armed and complains to the police, you can be charged with creating a public disturbance.

My advice to armed citizens is this: Take the gun training course, obtain the concealed weapons permit, carry your firearm very discreetly and, above all, keep it covered up.

Jonathan Muffley


Editor’s Note: According to the FBI, about 8 percent of law enforcement officers killed on duty were killed with their own guns.




Seeing His Hand

Dear Editor,

Spend some time with God in prayer. Ask him to assist you in identifying your own spiritual markers. These may begin with your heritage, your salvation experience, times you made significant decisions regarding your future and so forth.

What are some of the times of transition, decision or direction in your life when you knew clearly that God guided you? Start developing a list of your own spiritual markers, but don’t feel like you have to have a comprehensive list. Add to it as you reflect and pray about God’s activity in your life.

Rev. E.M. Scoggin



Not Your Father’s Party

Dear Editor,

The Democratic Party is now against funding to build a border wall to prevent illegals, terrorists, drug smugglers, sex traffickers, etc., from entering our country. They are for funding sanctuary cities that harbor illegals and illegal criminals and refuse to enforce our laws set by Congress. If you disagree with them you are labeled a homophobe, xenophobe, racist, etc. The only motive for this is votes – more illegal votes for the Democratic Party.

It’s time we brand the Democratic Party the party of “Hate Toward America.” They can no longer bring themselves to do anything good for the working taxpaying people of our country. This is no longer your father’s Democratic Party. It’s a party built on hate.

Ed Byrum



Selective Outrage

Dear Editor,

I moved from Greensboro to Florida in May and I want to give you my observations from each state.

In North Carolina, the LGBT community is outraged over HB2. It would affect a very small percentage of their community, but from their reaction you would think life as we know it is at stake. The bill was seen by many on the left as Christians uniting in hate against gays. PayPal refused to come to North Carolina. The NBA moved the All-Star Game. The ACC moved the championship football game. All in all, a very coordinated assault against the right and Christians.

Now I am in Orlando and see the LGBT reaction after the Pulse nightclub attack. This attack was carried out by a Muslim in the name of Islam. A conservative radio station preempted Sean Hannity for several weeks so locals could call in and grieve. A great idea, but you would think that after a while people would be mad at Islam. That was rarely the case.

From mainstream media reports you would think that a Christian or Republican was responsible for the shooting. Several LGBT leaders have spoken out for gun control. PayPal has not pulled out of Muslim countries that practice this same religion and kill gays routinely there. The NBA will proudly have a game in China where human rights violations are rampant. There is no concerted effort by the LGBT community to attack the religion that slaughtered them. Not inconvenienced their lifestyle and agenda for a few – but slaughtered them in the name of Islam.

When a perceived Christian bill inconveniences a tiny percent of the population, we have mass outrage. When a gunman slaughters gays in the name of Allah, we have no coordinated outrage against the attackers. If anything, we have apologists that excuse the religion involved and remind us the religion that just killed many of us Is a religion of peace. Western liberals and the LGBT community are committing suicide.

Bob Griffin




A Woman’s Choice

Dear Editor,

I choose to uplift the men in my life. I recognize their accomplishments and the challenges they face. We are in a world that accuses without basis, demands restitution without cause and corrals truth behind gates of complaint.

If my husband (son, father, brother) offends you just because he is a man, then find your bias in the mirror. Every time the man-bashing attitude has crossed your lips, damage has been done to an American man.

However, through the difficult atmosphere, American men have chosen not to accuse, demand or complain. They continue to work, nurture their families and protect their American women. I would like to invite my sisters to embrace unity, reject victimhood and make solutions our goal. Allow the WAM (white American man) or the BAM (black American man) in your life to truly say, “Thank you, Ma’am.”




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