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Letters To The Editor: April 15, 2019

Deploy Military To Southern Border Dear Editor,Democrats in New York blocked a bill for $2.7 million to expand tuition assistance for children of Gold Star families, yet the week prior they provided $27 million for assistance for Dreamers to help achieve “the American dream.” Obviously Democrats hate the military and their dependents. They consider illegals a higher priority than the children of fallen and wounded warriors. The next time you hear a Democrat try to claim they support the military, throw this in their face. Tell them it’s obvious they’ve never met an illegal they didn’t slobber over.

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Beverly “Bev” Lois (Clark) Morrow

Mrs. Beverly “Bev” Lois (Clark) Morrow, originally of Big Rapids, Michigan, born April 10, 1939 in Tower, Michigan, to the late Edwin and Florence Schoolcraft Clark, passed away peacefully in High Point, North
Carolina at the age of 79 on April 8, 2019, after a prolonged illness.

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Letters To The Editor: April 5, 2019

Dear Editor,

The ability to invent a minority group, protected from opposition, is dangerous to democracy.  This is why the bill of rights was created. If you wish to create a protection, amend the constitution.  When civil rights laws were passed, they were never intended to reward a political base for support. The EEOC was not intended to indoctrinate philosophy.  Civil rights commissions, appointed by politicians, protected from voters, were not intended to invent new protected groups.

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Letters To The Editor: March 25, 2019

It appears that Herr Von Mueller and his merry band of demo-minions were unable to deliver for the National Socialist…I mean Democrat Party, so as soon as the report came out and no more indictments were announced they called him incompetent and turned their knives on him, so on to Plan B.

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The Sound Of The Beep: Feb. 28, 2019

What is going on? I thought Guilford County had shut down the internet sweepstakes storefronts but a place has opened back up on West Market Street in the Food Lion Shopping Center. Did something change in the law?

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Letters To The Editor: Feb. 27, 2019

Josef Mengele is alive and has found a home in the Democrat party. And three “Republicans,” Murkowski, Cramer, and Scott, (throw them out of the party) sided with the wannabe Nationalist Socialist party by silence. They are as guilty of condoning infanticide as the spineless scum that voted this bill down. Real conservative Americans should be in the streets burning these maggots in effigy for showing their true colors and advocating approval of the murdering of innocent life.

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Letters To The Editor: Feb. 25, 2019

One of the cornerstones of any civilized population is the concept that actions have consequences. Hoda Muthana, the ISIS bride, voluntarily turned surrendered her birthright of American citizenship and joined the brutal terrorist organization. Now that they are being stomped into paste she suddenly is saying “Oops, my bad. I want to come home to mommy and daddy so they can help me raise my little child.” And there’s a British girl in same boat wanting the same thing.

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Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors Announces 2018 Awards

Coldwell Banker Triad, REALTORS® is proud to announce the 2018 Coldwell Banker International Awards. This program recognizes companies, offices, agents and teams who demonstrated outstanding achievement, integrity, commitment and innovation, and have been recognized by the national Coldwell Banker® brand. As part of one of the top and most recognized real estate brands in the country, Coldwell Banker Triad, REALTORS® is known for their high standards of professionalism and integrity. Having ranked as a top company, agent or team in the Coldwell Banker® network earns them a truly elite place in the industry.

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Letters To The Editor: Feb. 19, 2019

Trigger warning… I’m about to go after a small group of Republicans….

In my opinion, applying the term RINO to the group of Republicans who supposedly participated in drafting that abomination that President Donald Trump reluctantly signed to avert another partial government shutdown is an insult to RINOs.

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The Sound Of The Beep: Feb. 18, 2019

Summerfield Town Council – Mr. Rotruck has never lived in our Town of Summerfield. Most of us don’t even know you so why are you so adamant on being on our Council? What do think you can offer or what you have to gain?

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Letters To The Editor: Feb. 15, 2019

Pelosi and her hordes of flying monkeys appear to be running scared. She just came out issuing a warning/threat to try to persuade Republicans to stop President Trump from declaring a national emergency on the border and locking his reelection and cutting off the socialist progressive Democrats at their knees all at the same time. By making the threat that a Democrat President could declare a national emergency on guns; I don’t think she realizes she’s smoking in the powder magazine.

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Letters To The Editor: Feb. 11, 2019

I have to give credit to the socialist Democrat left. They gave the loons their head and let them create a better beer and pretzel show then was presented by the Super Bowl. When I first heard the contents of the New Green Deal I thought it was an SNL skit, but it became more hilarious when I realized they were serious. Moreover almost one quarter of the House and about 10 percent of the Senate has publicly signed on to it.

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The Sound Of The Beep: Feb. 5, 2019

Hello, I’m calling in about the Democrats that are holding the government hostage. I would like to say this to Nancy Pelosi.  The American people do not want you as Speaker and it just so happened that you got it. But we the American people are holding you accountable for this shutdown.

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Letters To The Editor: Jan. 29, 2019

Innovation is sometimes messy.

The transformation of downtown High Point is an innovative endeavor and one that I’m grateful to help lead. Having raised $63 million in philanthropic investments and attracted $50 million more for the hotel and apartments, we are proud to serve our community through this revitalization projectand indebted to all those participating.

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Letters To The Editor: Jan. 25, 2019

The socialist liberal left and it’s pack of rabid attack Pekinese cannot allow the public spanking they got over the Covington Catholic manufactured crisis (I had to get that in there) to stand. If they do, they lose credibility with their base and with the majority of the malleable uninformed that they rely on to bolster their numbers.

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Letters To The Editor: Jan. 23, 2019

George Orwell was off by only 35 years. For those that don’t understand that reference I encourage you to read 1984.  When you do and look at what is going on in America today, if you don’t get a shiver down your spine you either don’t care or cannot see the forest for the trees.

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The Sound Of The Beep: Jan. 2, 2019

  I just have one question. Is there ever going to be letters to the editor posted? Thank you. Bye.   Editor’s Note: There was a glitch in the system, but we are back on track and posted two today.   % % %  ...

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Sound Of The Beep: Nov. 27, 2018

Hi there Beep. I was just talking to my son, and we were talking about how these Democrats keep whining and crying about not getting elected and everything. And he thought, well, maybe we should do the PC thing, and maybe we should give them a participation trophy. That way, they’ll feel good about themselves. Y’all just give that a thought now, you hear? All right. Bye.

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The Sound Of The Beep

Hello. I hope this message reaches the ears of Roy Carroll. John Hammer probably doesn’t call the shots. But I am assuring you, your decision to stop printing the Rhino on paper is a miscalculated mistake. You’ll lose a tremendous amount of dedicated readers. In my mind, that is not progress. Sincerely, Southern Guilford County. Thank you.

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Letter from the Publisher

After five years of being the “publisher” for the Rhino Times, I am still not exactly comfortable with the title. But I am comfortable stating that, today, news is more important than ever. Not just any news, but relevant news not available from other local publications or media outlets.

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The Sound of the Beep: Nov. 15, 2018

It’s 24 hours since the election since the polls closed. I cannot believe that BJ Barnes lost to a person who is relatively almost completely unknown in the Piedmont. We’ve never heard of him before the election. What I have...

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