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County Testing Well Water To See If It’s Naughty Or Nice

While many Guilford County citizens were running around stores this week collecting last minute gifts for friends and family, groundwater inspectors from the Guilford County Division of Public Health were running around neighborhoods in west Greensboro collecting well water samples to see if they’re contaminated – and, if so, to discover how much contaminant those samples contain.

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The Guilford/Cone/Sandhills Deal By The Numbers

Details are now coming out fast regarding what mental health care in Guilford County will look like after a new partnership between Guilford County, Cone Health and Sandhills Center is in place – and so are answers to the all important question, “Hey, who’s going to pay for this shiny new mental health care system?”

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Guilford County Jails Have 47 Vacant Positions

It’s well known that no one wants to be in jail as an inmate, but right now, apparently, no one wants to be in Guilford County’s two jails as an employee: Of the 381 budgeted positions in the Detention Division of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, there are now 47 vacancies.

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Rogers Wants Second Sheriff’s Office In High Point

Newly elected Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers is making a lot of changes in the Sheriff’s Department and he said this week that one of the changes he’d like to see is a second Sheriff’s Department office in High Point with much of the same functionality as that in Greensboro. 

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Summerfield Debates Volunteer Emergency Response Team

An October hurricane and the recent December snowstorm have spurred a debate in Summerfield over the need for a Public Safety Committee.  Some say a coordinated volunteer response effort opens the town up to liability concerns, while others argue that the town must have some plan in place when a severe storm hits or when there is another type of emergency.

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Even Christmas Cheer Divides Summerfield Town Council

In what was not a very Christmassy discussion at all, the Summerfield Town Council, on Saturday, Dec. 15, argued over whether or not town employees should get the entire week of Christmas off.  In the end, the council voted 4-to-1 to give staff the extended break – but not before council members bickered over the question just as they have all year long over practically everything.

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Ten Year County Debt Picture, Frames Democrats

It’s been ten years since Guilford County took on a massive debt for the school system, the community college system and the jail. The county will be paying off that debt for years to come, but the Republican-led board now in charge is taking a much harder look at what new debt the county accumulates. 

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Susie’s Fund Founder Supports New Fund

You might think the founder of Susie’s Fund would be upset about the fact that Guilford County is doing away with the well-known fund set up to help cover the medical costs for injured and abused animals that ended up at the Guilford County Animal Shelter, however, Roberta Wall, who gave the fund its name and helped establish it, said nothing could be further from the truth.

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PTIA Worked Around The Clock To Stay Open During Diego

The snow and ice from Winter Storm Diego shut down roads around the county and the state but the same cannot be said for the runways at Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA), which managed to remain open for the entire duration of the storm through the herculean efforts of airport staff and outside crews that were called in to help.

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Guilford County Lifts State Of Emergency

On Tuesday, Dec 11, at 5:45 p.m., Guilford County announced that it was lifting the State of Emergency imposed by the county two days earlier.  The State of Emergency was declared on Sunday, Dec. 9 and officially ended at 5 pm. Tuesday.

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Economic Development Officials To Wine And Dine Journalists

In an attempt to drum up more and better press for economic development opportunities in the county, the Guilford County Economic Development Alliance (GCEDA) is bringing a group of journalists in to show them close up why they should write great things about Guilford County and why it’s perfect for business expansion and relocation.

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Family Justice Center Gets Grant From State Crime Commission

The Guilford County Family Justice Center has been awarded a grant from the Governor’s Crime Commission to the tune of $189,000.  The money is meant to help the county’s justice center be more effective in fighting child abuse and elder abuse.  The Guilford County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to accept the grant at their next meeting on Thursday, Dec. 13.

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Questions Raised About Why Rogers Fired 25 Employees

On Monday, Dec. 10, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department released a list of the names of 25 employees fired by new Sheriff Danny Rogers and his staff.  With the entire list now public, many are attempting to read the tea leaves and discover why, out of 631 employees in the Sheriff’s Department, those 25 were dismissed.

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Meet Your New Chief Deputy

By now, just about everyone knows a whole lot about Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers, but they might not be familiar with the man who is, as of Monday, Dec. 3, the second most powerful law enforcement officer in the department’s chain of command – brand new Chief Deputy Edwin Melvin.

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County Snow Prep Leaves Out Buying Milk And Bread

Everyone knows that Greensboro with all of its streets is busy during snow storms, but Guilford County doesn’t maintain any streets, so do county employees just get a day off when it snows?  Not hardly what many citizens don’t realize is that Guilford County government goes through a great deal of preparation to assure that services are maintained when the white stuff falls.

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