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Board Of Commissioners Suspiciously The Same After Swearing In

On Monday, Dec. 3, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners held a morning meeting to conduct a swearing-in ceremony and, though that sounds as though there’s something new on the way, the board was exactly the same old board after the swearing-in as it was before: Six commissioners were sworn back into their previously held seats for another four years.

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Commissioners Or Comedians?

Guilford County commissioner swearing-in ceremonies are always a jovial affair, however, on Monday, Dec. 3, the commissioners had an unusually elevated level of fun – with just about every single commissioner getting solid laughs at some point in the morning from the cheery audience in the Old Guilford County Court House.

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Meet The New Chairman – Same As The Old Chairman

Guilford County Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Alan Branson has already served one year as chairman, but some county residents may still not know much about the man who is now, for the second year in a row, the most powerful elected official in Guilford County government.

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Health Dept. Is Ready, Ready For Early, Early Childhood Development

The Guilford County health department likes to catch health problems early – especially when it comes to school children, and under a new program – Ready for School, Ready for Life – that department is going to start helping those children really early on. Specifically, county health workers are going to get involved before a child is even born: They’ll step in when the parents are just starting to think about conception.

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Swearing-In Event Puts Focus On Achievements Of Henry Frye

When Guilford County Sheriff-elect Danny Rogers is sworn in on Monday, Dec. 3, most eyes will be on Rogers, however, there’s a lot of subtext in his swearing-in ceremony since the man doing the honors – former NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Henry Frye – has been a major advocate for the themes of racial justice that Rogers says will be important in his administration as sheriff.

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Sheriff-Elect Puts Department On The Media Map

Guilford County Sheriff-elect Danny Rogers has his backers and his detractors, however, whatever anyone says about him, this much is true: Even before being sworn in, Rogers has brought a great deal of statewide and even some national attention to the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department.

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Rogers Pushes Back, Defends Firings

Guilford County Sheriff-elect Danny Rogers is now hitting back hard at his critics – especially Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes – and is adamantly defending his move to fire 28 employees in the Sheriff’s Department.

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Sheriff’s Department Second In Command Expresses Concerns Over Department’s Future

Guilford County Sheriff’s Department Colonel Randy Powers, one of the nearly 30 employees who has been told that as of Dec. 3 when Sheriff-elect Danny Rogers takes over he will no longer have a job, is expressing his concerns over what he said is the wholesale dismantling of effective Guilford County Sheriff’s Department programs that have been carefully put in place over the years to keep the county safe.

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Sheriff Danny Rogers Will Make $158K A Year

Guilford County Sheriff-elect Danny Rogers will take office on Monday, Dec. 3 and, when he does, his salary will be the exact same as Sheriff BJ Barnes’ salary after Barnes served six-terms – 24 years – in the job. Rogers will get paid $158,000 a year, making Rogers the fifth highest-paid county employee.

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Conrad Considers Chairmanship Of Board of Commissioners

Does he or doesn’t he?

That is: Does District 3 Republican Guilford County Commissioner Justin Conrad want to be chairman of the Board of Commissioners for the next 12 months? Conrad, who is now vice chair of the board, has been talking and meeting with commissioners from both parties this week and everyone seems to agree on one thing – the job is Conrad’s if he wants it.

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Mass Firings At Sheriff’s Department

Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes said on Tuesday, Nov. 27 that Guilford County Sheriff-elect Danny Rogers is conducting a “bloodletting” – defined as an indiscriminate massacre – of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department by firing a huge number of officers, including many who play key leadership roles in the department.

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Pleasant Ridge Closes To Make Way For Megasite

Planes have been known to land on golf courses in an emergency, but that is by no means an ideal situation. Planes do much better traversing flat slabs of an asphalt runway and that’s the reason Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) just closed Pleasant Ridge Golf Course, an 18-hole par-70 public course at 1518 Pleasant Ridge Road.

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County Health Department To Honor Those Who Are Giving Back

It probably won’t get as much attention as the Academy Awards, but the Guilford County health department is getting ready to give out some awards of its own – to people and organizations who advance the cause of public health in the community. The health department plans to give out the awards in mid-December in an effort to shine a light on those in Guilford County who are making important contributions to public health.

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Sheriff Wants To Keep This Jail Tunnel

As tunnels go, it’s not the Chunnel – the $21 billion, 31-mile, underwater tunnel between France and England – but Guilford County’s less impressive tunnel from the old jail to the Guilford County Courthouse in downtown Greensboro is big source of consternation for county officials right now.

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Republic Services Gets Its Mojo and Summerfield Contract Back

Republic Services, the waste disposal and recycling company that serves much of unincorporated Guilford County and some of its towns, seems to finally be getting its act together. The Summerfield Town Council has just renewed the waste company’s exclusive agreement with that town and Guilford County Commissioners say the constant stream of complaints they’ve been getting all year about Republic Services has slowed to a trickle.

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Reading Is Fundamental – Even In Jail

High Point often considers itself the “red-headed step child” when it comes to Guilford County government, and, whenever Greensboro gets a county service, High Point wants that service too. This even holds true in the jails and now the High Point jail looks like it will finally get what by all accounts is a positive program that’s proven successful in the Greensboro jail – a new inmate literacy program meant to teach inmates better reading and communication skills.

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County May Break Into Piggy Bank To Pay For Construction Projects

For Shakespeare the question was to be or not to be, however, right now the Guilford County Board of Commissioners is facing a different question all together: To spend some of the county’s savings account or not. That’s the question before the board that has to pay for a host of major projects including a $15-million animal shelter, a $15-million mental health center, a $20-million Emergency Services vehicle maintenance base, and a new law enforcement building that could cost $20 million or more. So the commissioners are looking at $70 million for new buildings with construction costs rising.

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Hanes High On High Point

Hanesbrands Inc. is opening a 340,000-square-foot distribution center in High Point to support and distribute its Champion brand of products – something that adds to a string of recent business recruitment successes for High Point and Guilford County.

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