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Ride A Bus For Free On Thursday, April 25

Thursday, April 25 you have an opportunity to ride one of Greensboro’s 10 electric buses for free. Actually you can ride any bus in the Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA) system for free that includes HEAT and SCAT, although SCAT buses are for people with disabilities that prevent them from riding the fixed route buses.  And not just that but the PART buses are free as are the buses in Winston-Salem and High Point.

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Republican Party Honors Lincoln Reagan At Annual Dinner

The Guilford County Republican Party held its annual Lincoln Reagan dinner at the Embassy Suites on Saturday, April 13.It was the first major event for the Chairman David Gleeson and the new Guilford County Republican Party leadership team that was elected at the Republican county convention in March.

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Council Looking At Long Meeting Tuesday

The last meeting of the Greensboro City Council on Monday, April 1 was loud.The next meeting on Tuesday, April 16 is going to be long, but hopefully not as loud.With 72 items on the agenda, even if the City Council flies through the meeting, it’s going to take some time to handle everything.

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The Inaugural Tanger Broadway Season Announced

We have a really big show for you tonight.” Nobody actually used the quote from Ed Sullivan but they could have as long as they replaced tonight with next year.The Broadway Season for the inaugural year of the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Greensboro was announced at an event on Thursday, April 11 in front of what is now the Tanger construction site.  And it is a really big show that will kick off with Beautiful – The Carole King MusicalMay 26-31, 2020.

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Remembering Doug Galyon

Doug Galyon, former Greensboro city councilmember, former Guilford County commissioner and former chairman of the North Carolina Board of Transportation (NCDOT), died Sunday, April 7.

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Cure Violence Conflict Or No Conflict

Last week the Greensboro City Council at its meeting on Monday, April 1 and the Guilford County Board of Commissioners at its meeting on Thursday, April 4 both discussed moving forward to implement a Cure Violence program in Greensboro. Bringing Cure Violence to Greensboro is a topic that has been discussed in the community for over a year.

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Whatcha Cookin’ Lawsuit Takes Weird Turn

The lawsuit filed by Black Network Television (BNT) against the City of Greensboro has been on a long twisty road, and now it’s taken a freakish turn.

Norman Smith of Smith, James, Rowlett and Cohen who was representing BNT not only asked that he be allowed to withdraw as the counsel for BNT in a motion filed March 25 but he also asked that two of the briefs he filed on behalf of BNT be stricken from the record.

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Group Opposes Berger’s Statement Whatever It Is

Sometimes government is serious and deals with important topics, but sometimes it’s just funny and this flyer falls into the just funny category.

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) usually tries to at least make an effort to appear to be nonpartisan, but even for a partisan group the flyer with the NCAE logo on it sent out earlier in the week was a little over the top. 

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Folwell Takes On Healthcare, Hospitals And Legislature

North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell would like to find out the cost of the health care the state is providing to over 727,000 employees and their dependents. 

Most everyone who has ever look at a bill for any kind of medical care in the past ten years has been mystified by what it means. 

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It’s Easy To Serve Your Community

Candidates often run for office saying the reason they are running is they want to serve their community. But, people have plenty of opportunities to serve the community without running for office.

If you do want to serve your community and learn something about how local government actually works, there are a wealth of opportunities available.

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The Cost Of Recycling Continues To Climb

Recycling in Greensboro is going to change and not for the better.

Greensboro signed an incredibly prescient recycling contract in 2012.  It then renegotiated the contract in 2016 so the contract was extended to 2020.  What that means is that until June 30, 2020 Greensboro can get paid $15 for each ton of recyclable material produced by the materials recovery facility (MRF).

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Council Meeting Too Chaotic For Outling

City Councilmember Justin Outling was conspicuously absent from the second half of the Greensboro City Council town hall meeting on Monday, April 1.

Outling left the dais about 7 p.m. after the whole meeting had devolved into chaos.   At that point Councilmember Goldie Wells was ordering that people standing up and shouting at the City Council be removed from the Council Chamber.  Mayor Nancy Vaughan was shouting that if people didn’t sit down they would be removed.  Lots of people in the audience were shouting at the City Council and in the midst of that Outling collected his iPad and walked out. 

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Town Hall Rules City Council

The Greensboro City Council gave in to mob rule at its town hall meeting on Monday, April 1, and all but agreed to launch another investigation into the Sept. 8, 2018 death of Marcus Deon Smith.

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Tony Wilkins Running For Mayor In 2021

Tony Wilkins has announced he is running for mayor of Greensboro in 2021.

 Because the terms of the mayor and city councilmembers are now four years, there is no election in 2019, but that doesn’t mean there is no political intrigue.

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Goodbye To Sound of the Beep

It’s time to wish the Sound of the Beep a fond farewell. 

We started running the Sound of the Beep at The Rhinoceros Timesin the mid 1990s.  I had read an article about a newspaper hooking up an answering machine to a phone line and transcribing the results to the delight of its readers.  I called up the editor to find out if there was more to it than that.   He said that there wasn’t and warned me that for a month or two we’d be inundated with calls but then the calls would dwindle down to a couple a week.

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One Step Further

The Cadence of the Drums a high school drumline competition sponsored by One Step Further will be held at Simkins Indoor Sports Pavilion at Barber Park on Saturday, March 30.

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Remembering Carolina Peacemaker Publisher Dr. John Kilimanjaro

I was saddened to hear of the death of Dr. John Kilimanjaro, the founder and publisher of The Carolina Peacemaker.
Considering the political beliefs espoused by The Rhinoceros Times and The Carolina Peacemaker, one might think that Dr. Kilimanjaro and I would have had an adversarial relationship.  But it is a great testimony to Dr. Kilimanjaro’s ability to see the good in people that through the years, although often on opposite sides of the political fence, we not only found ways to work together, but also to become friends.  

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City Hall Now Less User Friendly

So much for transparency. 

Greensboro restricted the public’s access to city hall on Wednesday, March 27 but was there a public hearing, a public announcement, even a press release to the public, to the people who pay the bills, to let them know that their access to city hall was being restricted.

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Guilford Big Loser In Proposed State Education Bond

Somebody in Raleigh doesn’t much like Guilford County, in fact a whole bunch of folks must not like Guilford County judging from House Bill 241 which if passed would put a referendum for a $1.9 billion bond for statewide education construction on the ballot in 2020, but wouldn’t do much for Guilford County.

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Under The Hammer: Feb. 28, 2019

The whole Michael Cohen Congressional testimony provides a fascinating look at the wonderful world of politics.  Back when Cohen was in President Donald Trump’s camp, the Republicans put a lot of credence in what he said and the Democrats said he was a sleazy lawyer and a liar.

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