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Sound Of The Beep: Nov. 27, 2018

Hi there Beep. I was just talking to my son, and we were talking about how these Democrats keep whining and crying about not getting elected and everything. And he thought, well, maybe we should do the PC thing, and maybe we should give them a participation trophy. That way, they’ll feel good about themselves. Y’all just give that a thought now, you hear? All right. Bye.

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The Sound Of The Beep

Hello. I hope this message reaches the ears of Roy Carroll. John Hammer probably doesn’t call the shots. But I am assuring you, your decision to stop printing the Rhino on paper is a miscalculated mistake. You’ll lose a tremendous amount of dedicated readers. In my mind, that is not progress. Sincerely, Southern Guilford County. Thank you.

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Guest Editorial: Barnes Addresses Opponent’s Claims

Words mean things and sometimes those words not said are as important as those said. My opponent ran an ad in last week’s Rhino Times where he listed many items that were either just plan false or subjective at best. I’m going to correct a few. Time and space will not allow me to correct all, but you will get the idea he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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